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Children’s Hospital Boston American Board of Pediatrics Portfolio Sponsorship for NECCA Members

Children’s Hospital has received notification from the American Board of Pediatrics that physicians participating in SCAMPs development, implementation and evaluation will be eligible to receive MOC credit. Each QI project/SCAMP that is developed within NECCA/CHB could potentially be approved for Part IV MOC credit (each project would be worth 25 points). A physician can participate in more than 1 SCAMP.

Children’s Hospital has developed an internal approval process for QI projects seeking MOC Part IV credit as part of the MOC Portfolio Sponsorship Program. Once a QI project becomes an approved MOC activity, to obtain MOC credit, physicians must:

Please review the following presentation for full details on how to apply for SCAMPS MOC credit.
MOC David Fulton NECCA Annual Meeting Oct 19, 2013

To receive credit, physicians complete the ABP attestation form, which is co-signed by the project leader. The portfolio sponsor must notify ABP in a timely manner when a physician’s attestation is approved, so that ABP can award MOC credit to the physician. To date, approved SCAMPs include chest pain (active) and syncope (in final phase of completion).

Meaningful Participation Guidelines (for MOC purposes, an ‘Active Role’ means the pediatrician must):

• Provide direct or consultative care to patients as part of the QI project

• Implement the project’s interventions (the changes designed to improve care)

• Collect, submit and review data in keeping with the project’s measurement plan

• Collaborate actively by attending at least quarterly project meetings

• Participate for the length of time designed by the project

Note: Each NECCA physician actively participating in this activity will be charged a single administrative fee of $150/SCAMP.

A current NECCA membership is also a pre-requisite for participation.

This presentation and all related MOC forms can be found on the CHB intranet under:
Medical Staff Services Department – MOC

Contact : Nancy Dunn, CPMSM
Director, Medical Staff Services

For any questions, please contact David Brown, David Fulton, or Steve Colan.

If you would like to receive MOC credit for your SCAMPS participation, please complete the MOC attestation form and submit to Dr. Gerry Angoff for the chest pain SCAMP and Dr. Yvonne Paris for the Syncope SCAMP. This will then need to be submitted along with payment to Boston Children’s Hospital for filing.
MOC Attestation

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