NECCA's Mission

The purpose of the New England Congenital Cardiology Association is to improve continuously the quality, safety, effectiveness, availability, and cost of care for children and adults with known or suspected congenital or acquired heart disease of childhood. NECCA will fulfill its purpose through activities in five interrelated domains: quality improvement, research, advocacy, communication, and education.

NECCA Membership

The New England Congenital Cardiology Association (NECCA) is open to all physicians and fellows specializing in pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiac anesthesia or intensive care, congenital heart surgery, or adult congenital heart disease. Register online and become a member!

5th Annual NECCA Meeting

The 2014 NECCA annual meeting was another huge success this year! The theme surrounded genetic testing and sudden cardiac death. The 2015 annual meeting will be in New Hampshire, venue and date to be determined. We hope to see you there!